Return & Cancellation

I want to cancel the order

Submit a ticket mentioning below details

  • Order number
  • Reason for cancellation

Once the ticket is submitted, we will check

  • if the order is yet to be shipped, if it is not shipped, then we will cancel the order and process your refund. Or
  • If the parcel is already out of the warehouse and is in transit, you can reject the parcel so that it will come back to us.

Please note that, once you accept the parcel, the return process would be followed.

Item is faulty, defected or not working

It may sometimes happen that the item may not work or is difficult to put into action, so in this case visit the product page on and make sure that you are not missing on any instruction on ‘How to use’ part.

If you are sure that the item is really faulty, we will be more than happy to assist you.

Submit a ticket mentioning

  • Order number
  • Email ID used at the time of placing order.
  • Attach a small video and snapshots which demonstrates that the product is not working. Explaining details of entire issue could be time a cumbersome task, attaching a video along with ticket gives a clear and quick understanding of the issue and resolution time reduces to a significant extent.

Once the ticket is submitted, we will get back to you in 48 hours.

we will check all the details and once you get the approval from us to send the product back to us with the tracking details, post which below things will happen

  • We will receive the product
  • We will check the product
  • If found faulty, we will send you refund/replacement as per customer’s wish (refund will include the shipping charges borne by the customer. ). Please note that not all products are refund eligible.
  • If found working, we will send you a small video and some snapshots which will demonstrate item’s working condition post this the item will be sent back to you.

My order is different from what was ordered/ I received wrong item

Well, chances are very feeble that the parcel will have some missing parts or accessories. But even if the customer receives an incomplete order, then please submit a ticket mentioning below details and we will get back to you.

Submit a ticket mentioning

  • Order number
  • Email ID used at the time of placing order.
  • Snapshots of the package which will show the wrong item.
  • What you ordered & what you got. just a brief description which will help us identify the product will be sufficient.

Once the ticket is submitted, we will get back to you in 48 hour and we will mail you if we need further information, else we will ship you the product which you actually intended (‘The Right Product’)

Our operations run on an automated system, if the item is missing in a particular order then our system will show that the extra material is in stock which means that some orders are shipped with missing items and this way we will be sure.

Once confirmed that the item is missing from the parcel, We will ask you send the wrong item back to us, and once we recieve the wrong item in our warehouse we will immediately send you the item with shipping details.

Make sure to contact us within 7 days from the delivery date, else return will not be possible.